Pottery is a subtle craft, and we are very passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for ceramic creation with others. We also see the healing potential of pottery and its ability to bring tranquility to people. For that reason, our workshop in Santa Ana is open to anyone interested in learning to work with ceramics.

Ceramic Classes

If you truly want to get your hands dirty and start seriously learning the art of pottery, we invite you to try our ceramic classes. We will teach you from the most basic principles of ceramic creation to advanced techniques. Each lesson is personalized, and throughout the entire time, one of our artists will be available to guide you and help you correct your mistakes. We will also provide you with knowledge that you will hardly learn from the internet, as many of them are passed down only through word of mouth.

Classes usually take place on Saturdays and have a cost of 10,000 colones per person/hour. To schedule your classes, please contact us via email, phone, or social media. We recommend attending these classes regularly.

Ceramic Painting

If you are passing by or would like to spend a calm and creative afternoon with someone close to you, you can come and paint some of our ceramic pieces. Depending on what you decide to paint, it can take around 1 to 2 hours.

If you decide to paint a mug that you would like to use for drinking, we can even glaze and fire it for you. This process usually takes about a week. Feel free to contact us to discuss your plans for a creative afternoon.